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Ça fait longtemps que je n’ai plus posté 🙈 aujourd’hui je vais vous présenter la marque « She is Rebel » dont j’ai fait la connaissance en 2019. L’article je l’avais déjà préparé, mais j’ai simplement oublié de le poster. Pardon pour ça. 🙈

J’ai écrit l’article en anglais  – je trouve que ça va bien avec la marque.

She is a rebel! Every girl and women could be anything she wants to be. If she wants to be an astronaut 👩‍🚀, a movie star 📽, a docteur 👩‍⚕️, a cook 👩‍🍳 or a lawyer 👩‍⚖️. Girls can be anything they want to be . There are no limits! We don’t live anymore in the time where a woman has to be a wife, a mother and a housewife. And every evening dinner has to be prepared for her husband who was working and earning money for the family. These times are over! Nowadays women are free to do whatever they want to do!

In Paris I got to know a very interesting brand with the name “She’s rebel”. In fact, I saw the brand in 2019 the first time..The name is inviting already to get inside the store
The founder Melis Sawerschel of the brand “She’s rebel” didn’t try to be a rebel – she was born to be one! She wants to stand out of the crowd and doesn’t follow ordinary rules. Limits aren’t allowed. She follows her believes and like a real rebel what she believes in is the truest! Her creativity is without limits and her ideas 💡 are devine.
The fashion is amazing and very different to the fashion you find in other stores. Completely out of the ordinary! Like she is – completely out of the ordinary! She is a rebel! We – girls & women – can all be rebels!

Melis Sawerschel is a very nice lady. She explained me that she gets inspirations from women in different situations of live and as well from the feedbacks of her costumers.
Every part of the clothing is fabricated with faire trade tissues and they are all made in Europe!
Every part of the clothing is fabricated sustainable. For those who know me, know that sustainability and environment are a very important issue to me! She’s rebel: There statement is “we rebel against the traditional fashion.” And you can see it perfectly when you visit there website! Like she and the brand – completely out of the ordinary and normal!

And Girls and Women: Let us all be rebels and get out of the ordinary thinking 💭 of the society.

Another point I’d like is her great Instagram account where she’s always posting most interesting and very nice quotes about women. We – all girls and women should be proud of ourselves and say to ourselves: we are so much worth it and we are all beautiful girls and women. It really doesn’t matter if we are tall, small, thin or not thin! Every girl and woman is beautiful and special! We all should be brave enough to say to ourselves that we are unique, beautiful and perfect like we are!

I have one favorite picture because I think it’s simply very true 😉

Thank you very much Melis Sawerschel for your inspirational and supportive posts and naturally your beautiful fashion!

You should have a look on her website to see her out of the ordinary designs 😊

Business as usual some pictures. 😊