Louis Vuitton, the real miracle child Jacques Cavallier Belletrud and the marvellous, magic 7 perfumes <3

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Like promised the second part of my article about the Louis Vuitton perfumes in French and English. The first part you find here.

The wonderful 7 perfumes

Belletruds perfumes are inspired by emotions.  Before he produces a perfume, he pictures the perfume in his mind, creates it with his spirit and then finally realise the perfume he created with his mind and spirit. “Je vis et je travaille comme ça. La route a été longue, mais c’est le luxe d’avoir le temps. “ (“I live and work like this. The way has been long, but it’s real luxury, when you have time.”)

Even the production of the perfume is special. His vision: I dream about a putting the scent of freshly cut flowers in a flacon. But how can you put the scent of freshly cut flowers in a flacon? With the help of CO2, this is possible. CO2 is the only gas, that catches the essence of the molecules, without destroying the delicate, floral facet. His idea has been a world premiere. Never before CO2 has been used for extraction process of floral perfumes.

And the perfumes? The perfumes are different but in a way all quite similar. That’s a fact. They are special, simply different and stand out from the crowd. They are by far not as commercial as other perfumes. They all have their individual note. They are floral. They are sweet. The are woody. They are spicy. They are profound and tell their own story, invite you to a journey and invite you to dream. The perfumes evoke spring days, the morning sun, freshly cut flowers, sweet seduction, hearty embrace, wonderful evenings and so much more. The perfumes want to be discovered and explored.

In the following, I want to present you the seven fragrances.

Rose des Vents

 Jacques Cavallier Belletrud had the wish to create a velvety perfume, that begins in a field of roses in Grasse, gets redefined with impressive highlights of the florentine iris and cedar. At the end, the pepper gives the perfume its spicy, cold note.

The perfume is described as a whisper of petals that gives you the possibility to discover new horizons.

A versatile, flowery fragrance, which is nevertheless a unique fragrance due to its distinctive note of pepper.


 Turbulence is inspired by a flush of feelings, what is comparable to the effect of love at first sight. A feeling that is so incredibly exalted and exhilarating. This scent tributes to the most exhilarating of all flowers: the tuberose. A beautiful flower with an incredible fragrance. This fragrance combines with the most precious petals of jasmine. The scent is special and generates interest. The tuberose gives the fragrance this precious element of being unique and exhilarating at the same time.

The scent is described as the discovery of a faraway land, what sometimes can make you feel like soaring among the clouds.

Dans la Peau

Dans la Peau is truly an exclusive and extravagant fragrance. A fragrance that gives you the feeling of an amorous hug and the effect of an incredible desire.

The scent is made up of a touch of the natural leather from the Louis Vuitton ateliers, which is combined with the accents of the fruity note of a slightly candied apricot and the flowery notes of jasmine from Grasse and Arabian jasmine from China. To perfectionat the perfume, there is an essence of the narcissus and a musk chorus. The scent is sensual and invites you to dream and make a journey to the senses.


Apogée is a truly sensual fragrance that reminds of the spring, because of the fragrance of lily of the valley and gives you the feeling of felicitousness. The marvellous lily-of-the-valley enlaces with other floral notes like jasmine, magnolia and rose.

The scent is perfectionated by a smoky, subtle essence of guaiac wood and sandalwood essence, which support the bouquet and finish it perfectly.

The scent is described as a journey that takes you back to yourself when you are faced with the infinite vastness of nature. This connection with the earth resembles a rebirth.

Contre Moi

The maître perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud has always been fascinated by vanilla. For this reason, he takes this essence into his fragrance Contre moi and gives her an unprecedented freshness. Vanilla from Tahiti and Madagascar are blended with the elegant notes of orange blossoms, magnolia blossom and rose. The rebellious temperament of the perfume is underlined by the light touch of bitter cocoa. The scent is sensual and on his own way sweet and flowery at the same time. The perfume invites you to dream. In contrast to the usual Vanilla perfumes, this perfume is by far not as sweet as usual and it has this wonderful fresh touch.

The scent is described as an unexpected touch of vanilla in a fusional embrace.

Matière Noir

Matière Noir is a mysterious fragrance and because of the interplay of white flowers and dark woods, it makes you plunge into a mysterious world. Matière Noir is like a journey to impenetrable depths of the darkest and most valuable woods of the world such as patchouli and agarwood from Laos. The animal notes of agarwood are enhanced by the black currant and are contrasted with the flowery and white note of jonquil and Arabian jasmine. The scent smells mystical and at the beginning, you do not know exactly what you smell first. A wonderful, very versatile and definitely special fragrance, which is however not sweet.

Mille Feux

The maître perfumer, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud had the desire to capture a certain glow in a perfume. For this reason, he looked for bright colours to blend these into his composition. When he visited one of the Louis Vuitton ateliers, he watched how an artisan created out of raspberry-colored leather a luxurious handbag. He was inspired by the beautiful colour of the leather, which reminds of a bright, luminous and ripe fruit. For this reason, he had the idea of combining the scent of that leather with the berry. After that, he began to compose an exclusive leather infusion, which he combined with the Chinese osmanthus blossom, a white flower, an apricot and animal note, a touch of iris-concret and saffron. The fragrance Dans la Peau has as well these leather notes. However, Mille Feux is much softer and sweeter in the scent than Dans la Peau.

Mille Feux could be compared with a firework or an emotional beat of different fragrances.

The bottle

The bottle is pure, timeless and elegant.  With his simple, elegant silhouette, it will never get out of style – as well as the classic handbags Speedy, Alma or Noe from Louis Vuitton. Timeless Classics that survive every trend and never lose their high place in popularity. In addition, the shape of the bottle is more convenient to refill.

Louis Vuitton Parfum Teststreifen

Louis Vuitton has a wonderful idea about testing fragrances. Instead of the famous fragrance cards, there are now fragrance bars. These are refreshed every hour and you can smell the perfume instantly and make because of this your first decision, which fragrance is more likely a favourite and which one rather not. Innovative and definitely a wonderful idea.


Pictures say more than a thousand words.


The Perfumes are all really special and they hold very well and very long on the skin. They are quite expensive, but the bottle can be refilled later, which is much cheaper than buying the bottle again.

I do not have a real favourite fragrance yet since I still sway between a few fragrances. For me, fragrances have something to do with emotions and moods. On brightly, sunny days the fragrance can be a bit fresher, more flowery. On other days (where the weather may not be quite as beautiful as usual) the perfume can be a bit heavier. But fragrances were and still are a question of taste. Because of this, I would not like to disclose anymore at this point.

For people who are looking for a special scent, which is truly not commercial and which isn’t often smelled in the streets, but rather unique and exceptional, should drop by at Louis Vuitton.

If you have the chance to visit Louis Vuitton soon, I am eager to hear from you what perfume you like best.

Have fun with the testing dear readers. ❤


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